National Deals
OVERVIEW provides online customer acquisition programs for local merchants. The company’s innovative marketing platform enables merchants to attract and retain new customers while offering compelling value to consumers. offers the largest breadth and depth of consumer offers available on the Internet. The online marketplace hosts an array of local services and experiences, as well as national products and travel offers. offers are available for an average of 30 days or more, giving consumers plenty of time to ponder, purchase and come back for more.

A TRUE MERCHANT PARTNER understands the challenges associated with running a small business and the need for merchants to market online. That’s why we offer a valuable online marketing partnership opportunity to local merchants that enables them to attract and retain new customers using our proprietary Automated Internet Marketing (AIM) engine. AIM is an easy to use, cost effective and risk-free way for merchants to tap into online marketing. By integrating merchants and their offers into social media promotions using Facebook, Twitter and other emerging platforms, is able to expand a merchant’s online reach and grow their customer base. If you are interested in becoming a merchant partner we would love to hear from you.